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Iraq iran war of 1980 – major facts

Key Dates Context †Iraq 13 Millions occupants Saddam Hussein is as yet challenged in his own parti by A1 Bakr supporters and with Islamic upset in Iran, Shiis start a revolt in 1979. first military force in the area. Bedouins = 75%, Kurds = 17%, perstan 2%. 2/2 Sunni, 1/2 Shii and 3% of minority (christians, Jews,†¦ ) Economic reliance on oil. Others areas were developping. Baasist regim since 1968 and the second â€Å"coup d'â ©tat† (first in 1963).July 1979, Saddam Hussein at last take incomparable force after the ‘elimination' of his cousin Hassan A1 Bakr, previous Iraq president. Setting †Iran 35 Million occupants Islamic regim after the 1979 unrest Persian = 61 %, Azeris = 16%, Kurds = 90% Shii, 9% Sunni, 1% non muslim (Christians, Jew, Zoroastrians). Financial reliance to oil (79% of government incomes). Others areas are gravely developped. Yet at the same time challenged. Shortcoming of military powers because of cleanses of new regims.Religious co ntrasts †Sunni/Shii Had part in 661 after the death of All, the fourth Caliph and particularly the nephew and child in law of Muhamad as the first who have convert himself to Islam. Political contrasts at start. Shii figures the Caliph ought to be a relative of Ali and o Muhamad to have the prophete blood. Sunni gives the caliphate to the best muslim. Religion practice likewise contrasts. For Shii, they figure Caliphs and Imams can decipher the coran. For Sunni, translation. are not so much accepted.There is additionally the 7 uncovered/7 covered up imman hypothesis in Shiism. Today : 90% of Muslim are Sunni. In the tenth Century, half and the two primary caliphate were governed by Shii. Middle Easterners/Persians Economic and Political stakes (Iraqi inspirations) Shatt al Arab first explanation of the contention Geostrategic Waterway near the Persian inlet. †Use to be Iraqi †Since the Alger understandings (1975) the two ountries share the territory Iraqi needs to get back Shatt al Arab. The Saddam Hussein governmant (BAAS) is a lay gathering: Stop the Islamic development in the region.Factors prompting the War Iraqui political and affordable inspirations Iran is debilitated in light of the Islamic upset Saddam feels strong (30 days of war most extreme) Ayatollah Rouhollah khomeini, Islamic transformation pioneer has awful connection with Saddam Hussein Saddam Hussein imagines that he includes support inside Iran (Socialist and non-progressive partisants) Saddam Hussein believes that he has bays nations bolster Iranian Stakes for winning the war After having won 1% of the Iranian domain, Saddam fortified his trust in winning the war and proposed a truce.

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The Rise of the Norman Empire Essay example -- Scandinavian history, Ki

â€Å"Hold the wall!† yelled King Harold II as the Normans worked their way past the Anglo-Saxon shield divider. The Anglo-Saxon realm ruled over London for a considerable amount of time before William the Duke of Normandy chose to take it from them. William was the child of Robert I and his significant other was Matilda of Flanders. William was of Viking beginning and he communicated in French. Lord Harold II was leader of London in the wake of King Harold I kicked the bucket. Lord Harold II was the last Anglo-Saxon King of England. In the year 1066 an incredible fight occurred that would change the manner in which London lived until the end of time. This fight was known as The Battle of Hastings. The skirmish of Hastings was an intriguing fight, the result was not true to form. The Anglo-Saxon individuals had an intense guard known as the Saxon Shield divider. This divider was about invulnerable on the grounds that the fighters would arrange and make a mass of shields that made it difficult to get through. The Norman Soldiers additionally had a significant field disservice. The zone on which they battled was called Senlac Hill. Senlac Hill had a huge slant and at the top were the situated Anglo-Saxon Soldiers. The Normans were at the base of the slope and experienced enough difficulty as it is getting up that slope with their overwhelming networking mail protection, even without the way that King Harold’s men were at the top pushing them down. Toward the start of the fight William’s powers summarized to around 7,000 and King Harold’s powers numbered to around 6,000. Despite the fact that William had the playing field burden he had a couple of things that King Harold didn't. William had mounted force and an a lot fresher armed force. At the point when the Battle of Hastings occurred King Harold’s men had been walking for quite a long time and were exceptionally drained, on occasion they walked throughout the day to cover... ...nd changed England for eternity. Numerous progressions were brought from William the Conqueror and the Battle of Hastings can be connected to things that occur in England's history also. Works Cited The Battle of Hastings. A&E Television Networks, n.d. Web. 29 Apr. 2014. Cart, Mandy. Skirmish of Hastings. What Happened at the ? Forests Junior School, n.d. Web. 29 Apr. 2014. Trueman, Chris. Clash of Hastings 1066. Battle of Hastings 1066. History Learning Site, n.d. Web. 30 Apr. 2014. Clash of Hastings. A&E Television Networks, 2009. Web. 30 Apr. 2014. James. The Bayeux Tapestry: Facts and Information. Interesting Information for Kids, Pupils, Parents and Teachers. Essential Facts, 1 Mar. 2013. Web. 01 May 2014 Clash of Hastings. Battle of Hastings. N.p., n.d. Web. 02 May 2014. Welcome. Battle of Hastings. N.p., n.d. Web. 07 May 2014

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Blog Archive Beyond the MBA Classroom Bring Your Spouse and Kids to UC-Berkeley Haas

Blog Archive Beyond the MBA Classroom Bring Your Spouse and Kids to UC-Berkeley Haas When you select an MBA program, you are not just choosing your learning environment, but are also committing to becoming part of a community. Each Thursday, we offer a window into life “beyond the MBA classroom” at a top business school. The Partners Club at the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley, caters to the needs of MBA students’ significant others and children and is reportedly very active on campus. Beginning when students are just new admits, the club helps answer questions on everything from housing issues to community life, and throughout the academic year, the club organizes game nights, dinners, happy hours and other social events for the partners. Haas partners are also invited to attend all student social events and club activities. Said one second-year student in a November 2010 online student chat, “Honestly, I think partners have the best time in business schoolâ€"they get all the fun without those pesky classes!” For in-depth descriptions of social and community activities at UC-Berkeley Haas and 15 other top MBA programs, check out the mbaMission Insider’s Guides. Share ThisTweet Berkeley-Haas Beyond the MBA Classroom Tags: housing social life

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Chapter 6 Test Chemistry - Get an Answer

Chapter 6 Test Chemistry - Get an AnswerHow many times have you failed a chapter 6 chemistry test? You probably do not want to fail such a test again. It is the exam that can determine your future.There are numerous reasons why it can happen. One reason could be because you don't read ahead in the textbook. Another reason could be because of the book cover. Don't let yourself fall into this trap.Once you've studied the material and you feel confident that you know it, read ahead on the reading material. If you know you are unprepared for something, put it aside and bring it later. Study alone. Your instructor might want to come over to check if you are doing your work. If he doesn't, then I recommend that you make it known that you are doing your own thing and study alone.I think we can all agree that we should study before we go to our class, so when you study you should look at chapter 6 first. You should get familiar with the topics and the elements. It is important to know what t he topics are.Do not rely on your textbook. It may have been okay for you to rely on the text to give you answers but now that you are faced with something you do not know, it is useless. Some things may be too complicated for you to understand, so you should rely on your head. Make note of how you feel when you make a mistake. This will help you correct it when you try it again in class.Read ahead in the chapter 6 book. This means that you read ahead and you read the sections that are not yet covered in the text. You need to focus on the chapters that have difficult topics. Read on and stay focused on it.Make use of practice questions from your class. Remember that your teacher or your instructors will always have questions, which can help you make sense of the material. Practice asking those questions and getting good answers.In conclusion, if you just need a little extra guidance, your instructor can help you with that. She might want to remind you of some information you may hav e forgotten. You will want to review everything so that you don't miss anything. Reading ahead on the book may also help you if you have trouble grasping some of the content.

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Effective English Learning Styles For Both Reading and Speaking

Effective English Learning Styles For Both Reading and SpeakingMany of the methods used in a learning environment to reach your goals could be divided into three major areas, including audio, visual and reading. It is common knowledge that you have to read a text to learn it, but also that you have to read it while talking to someone, too.For effective English learning styles, there are a few approaches to the use of different materials and methods. First, you should always give yourself plenty of time for study. Reading is so fast-paced that it can be done in less than an hour but in some cases, even fifteen minutes will be enough for reading comprehension and quick feedback.You should look at the potential resources available. If you're interested in language learning programs, you'll most likely want to start out with a review course.Of course, there are books that will teach you grammar and vocabulary through reading and writing, but the downside is that you will need to continue your reading and writing for most of the program. It would be easier if there were other methods to learn the writing and grammar required, such as audios, but reading still allows you to review what you've learned.Audio is another method, in which you listen to the audio and start speaking about the words, to check comprehension and get feedback. For example, you might listen to a sentence and ask yourself how many times you used the word 'that' in it.With audio, you have the benefit of being able to take notes right on the audio file and then look back over them to see what you've learned. Some courses require you to write everything down, but not all.For English learning styles that are more intensive, there are other methods available. For example, there are modules that are designed to teach the student how to write and speak properly in different languages. Although this requires the student to actually speak the language and be able to talk about it, the teacher can help the student make sense of things in the language, so that he or she will be able to read and write in the language.

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College Algebra Class and Different Types of Tests

College Algebra Class and Different Types of TestsIn order to help you with your college algebra class, here are a few useful tips that will help you out. It can be helpful to have a notebook handy so that you can jot down the changes as they occur in your math assignments.After you learn all the steps and practices needed to properly do algebra, it is best to go back to college algebra class. This helps you to keep up with all the tips and techniques needed to practice your own algebraic methods and as a result you will always be on top of the game.Now you should find out what your grades are and start making corrections to those grades to make them more accurate. A good rule of thumb is to add one point to your grade if your score is good and subtract one point if it is poor. Since there is no easy way to grade your own homework, it is best to make adjustments in the grades after you have done the work.If you decide to take a refresher college algebra class, you should work on it i n a quiet room. This allows you to review your learning and work on other things that you might not have time for during the day. This can help to get things back in perspective and to keep your learning sharp throughout the day.When it comes to extra credit or tests, you should be aware that there are different kinds of tests that you need to pass. In most cases, depending on the situation, it may be easier to do a good job of the assignment or it may be more important for you to get good grades.There are a lot of different sources of additional resources that you can use when you are trying to do extra credit and it may be more convenient for you to do this over the internet than in a classroom setting. There are many resources online that can help you todo some good looking work that will get you prepared for whatever exam or test you might be up against.Keep in mind that most test taking needs to be done carefully and you need to prepare for every possible situation that can com e up. The more prepared you are, the better results you will get from any test. A test is a great opportunity to show your creativity and learning ability and it should never be taken lightly.

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Stand Up and Be Counted Enhance Your Career with Effective Presentations - Introvert Whisperer

Introvert Whisperer / Stand Up and Be Counted Enhance Your Career with Effective Presentations - Introvert Whisperer Stand Up and Be Counted: Enhance Your Career with Effective Presentations If you were to conduct a survey of your colleagues asking them if presentation skills are important, then chances are that everyone would answer, “yes”. In fact, whether you’re looking to get promoted or to change jobs, then effective presentation skills can be the difference between success or failure. It’s not an accident that employers are looking to hire people with excellent communication skills. You might think that the need for presentations is limited to just a few scenarios, such as presenting a proposal, or speaking at a seminar, but nothing could be further from the truth. Presentation skills can be useful every single day, for example, when you’re in a meeting trying to get an idea across, when you’re on the phone with a client, and even when you’re giving a status update to your boss. Now that we’ve established the importance of good presentation skills, what are some of the ways you can go about honing your skills? Below you’ll find 5 strategies that can help take your presentations to the next level. 1. Be Prepared  It goes without saying that you need to be prepared if you’re giving a presentation to a large group of people, but it can also be useful to be prepared for common scenarios that happen during your working day. If, for example, you regularly attending meetings where you have to introduce yourself, then it can be really helpful to have prepared a short elevator pitch describing who you are and what you do. This short script is a great way to introduce yourself to new people, and has the secondary benefit of helping you relax more quickly around unfamiliar people. But this idea doesn’t just apply to an introductory elevator speech, it can also be applied to any topics you have to cover regularly as part of your job. 2. Practice  The more you practice giving presentations the better you’re going to get at them. One problem faced by people who are apprehensive or just plain terrified about giving a presentation, is where to start? If you’re not yet confident enough in your skills to give a presentation at work, then the easiest place to start is within a safe environment outside of the office. This could simply mean practicing your presentation skills in front of your partner or spouse, or it could mean joining a club, such as Toastmasters, where you won’t be judged and will be given lots of encouragement.  3.  Learn the Craft of a Good ArgumentPersuasive speaking and writing have been around for a long time. In fact, the first book about creating a persuasive argument was written over 2,000 years ago by Aristotle. If you’re looking to increase your persuasive speaking skills then this is great news, as it means there are literally thousands who have gone before you that have passed what they have learned. Some of the more popular techniques include Monroe’s Motivated Sequence, agitate and solve, prognosticate, and storytelling. 4.  Pre-empt ObjectionsThere are two parts to pre-empting objections. The first is to think of objections or counter arguments people are likely to have to your presentation and address them during your presentation. The second is more time consuming but very effective where you need to get approval for an idea, and that is to speak with each person who will be attending your presentation on a one-to-one basis, before the presentation takes place. This way you get the chance to ensure that their success criteria are met, and if not, there’s still time before the meeting to adjust your presentation so that their success criteria are met. In doing this you hugely increase the chances of your presentation going smoothly and your ideas being accepted. 5. Stand Out from the Crowd Let’s be honest, most presentations, particularly those in the workplace, are boring. They follow the same path of starting with a quick introduction, jumping into the main bulk of the presentation, and then finishing with a quick summary and obvious recommendation. Is it any wonder that people can’t resist the urge to look at their phones or use their laptops? To stand out from your peers think about what you can change up. Maybe you could start with the really big picture, or perhaps it might be interesting to start with the detailed facts and figures. Perhaps there is a personal story you could share. Maybe you could open with a question and then not answer that question until the end of your presentation. Whatever it is, try to make your presentation stand out from the 99% of presentations that all follow an identical format. Summary We all know when we’ve seen a good presenter, and when we’ve seen a poor one. Most of us also know that building a reputation as someone who gives great presentations can enhance our careers. However, despite knowing that presentations are important, most of us don’t know how to improve our skills. In this article, we’ve presented five tips to enhance your presentations, namely, be prepared, practice, learn how to construct a compelling argument, think about the objections people might have in advance, and structure your presentation to make it stand out from the crowd. Bio: Denis Geoghegan @epmgmt, is the founder of Expert Program Management, a site dedicated to helping people improve their leadership, management, and personal development skills. Go to top Let me emphasize that Self-Promotion doesn’t have to be obnoxious to be effective.  But, if you don’t Self-Promote you, who will?  If you ever want to get ahead, you have to learn how to Self-Promote. I want to help you accelerate your career by connecting you with your Free Instant Access to my video that shows you simple, yet effective ways to Self-Promote. Start watching now by clicking here! Brought to you by Dorothy Tannahill-Moran â€" dedicated to unleashing your professional potential. Introvert Whisperer